Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tama Yaki: Oishi Takoyaki!

Another place in my to-try list is Tama Yaki, located at SM North Edsa near the cinemas beside Cold Stone. They specialize in takoyaki and milk tea. They have some bentos too.

The place is really kawaii. It's a nice spot to hangout and chit chat with friends while eating deliscious takoyaki and sipping tea.

The Menu

We were quite hungry and were looking forward to their rice meals as well but it wasn't available anymore. Most of the teas weren't available too like they don't have riceballs and mochis so that was quite a let down.

But moving on, we ordered 3 takoyaki flavors. 2 seasoned octopus, 1 mussels and cheese and 1 smoked Mackerel.

Out of the 3, I liked mussels and cheese the most and then seasoned octopus but all of them were yummy that I'm craving for it right now. ^_^ I ate 3 takoyaki balls and was already full probably because of the milk tea.

For the milk tea, I tried the macha milk tea with cocoa. I liked it, but if you want a safer choice go for Tama Yaki milk tea with pearl.

It was a fun friday night well spent with friends. I'll certainly go back to try other flavors as well. :)

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