Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brave Frontier: Trial 001 Karl

I'm not much of a gamer nor am I the type to write game reviews but I just want to share and keep my karl experience intact.

I'm in level 91 when I tried karl. I know most have tried it in their earlier levels but what can I say, I'm sacred to try!

But my friend said its okay to try and fail, you can always try again. At least that way you'll have an assessment of what units to bring the next time.

So yeah, I researched just enough to know what team to bring and what strategy to use and what pots to bring. I didn't watch any videos because I wanted to try it for myself.

These are some of the things to note. So karl has 2 forms. For the first form, if hp decreases to 50% it transforms to its second form and replenishes hp to 100%. For the second form, if hp decreases to 50% karl will pretty much wipe off your entire team (blue execution). It's pretty safe after that. I didn't bother to guard I lost count because of my nerves T_T

These are the squads I used.

These are the reinforcements I used.

The twins for squad 1 to negate status ailments.

Grah for squad 2 for the buffs, since the status ailments are already covered by my twins lead.

And eze with sbb for the atk and hp buff for my mono thunder squad, since the status ailments are already covered by my ronel lead.

As you may have noticed I'm big on covering for the status ailments. This is so I don't need to bring potions and stuff and focus more on cures since I don't have much healer units.

The spheres I used.

For the spheres I used those that will last for the entire fight well except for the filler team where I used muramasa for more damage. 

Squad 1: Filler
Melchio 5* BB 1
Estia 4* BB 2
Logan 4* BB 1
Xenon 3* BB 1
Light Pot ^_^
The first team is pretty much the filler team. With the focus of making as much damage as they can so I used xenon as lead for the 15% atk buff for light and dark units. I didn't bother to use any pots here. This squad got me through 75% of karls first form.

Squad 2: Rainbow
Duel SGX 6* SBB 2
Sefia 6* BB 1
Twins 6* SBB 6
Dilma 5* BB 3
Alice 6* SBB 8
The second is a rainbow team which is composed mostly of the main team I usualy use with the twins as lead to negate status ailments and increase defense and recovery. With the focus of making it until blue execution. I used alice and the twins as healer here but still used 4 cures. This squad got me through blue execution.

Elsel 5* BB 7
Ronel 6* BB 1
Eze 6* BB 1
Emilia 4* BB 1
Fennia 4* BB 1

The third is the mono thunder team. To finish of the rest of karl. I used the rest of the cure here and the seals. I used fujin potion to fill up eze friend's sbb for atk buff. Yup this team finished off karl.

The pots I brought

As you can see I didn't use the revive at all and my mono team survived.

Yay! 500k zel

+ Karl

+ 1 Gem

Now, they say Grah is easier than Karl? To Grah or not to Grah? ^_^

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