Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nation Bar and Grill

You know you're getting old when loud music and too much crowd starts to get in your nerves. That's why most of the famous bars never really appealed to me. You can't even go to the washroom without bumping into someone and you're not even drunk.

So when we found this neat place at Scout Boromeo, Quezon City, it became our regular hangout. The place is called Nation Bar and Grill. Open space, not too crowded, good food and a band playing while you chit chat with friends. Now that's my kind of scene.

 Thursday Band

 You should try going on a Monday night, the vocalist sounds like Chito Miranda but the other bands are just as good. Yep I told you we've been going here a lot XD.

The Menu

I don't really drink much. I just like hanging out with friends. So a bar with good food and some cocktails fits my criteria perfectly. The price here is affordable and the serving is just right.

 The group's favorite. Baked Fish Fillet. This is reason enough for us to go back to this place ^_^

 Dynamite. Ground meat wrapped in green chili and spring roll wrapper then deep fried.

 Can you guess what this is? It's Sisig Rice!!! XD I need not say more XD

 My favorite drink. Mocha Girl. :D

They have beer buckets too.

Cheers! :)

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