Sunday, March 9, 2014

Binondo Food Trip!

A food trip in Binondo has been long overdue in my to do list. I can always go alone but good food and memories are best shared with friends :)
We took the LRT to Carriedo station and walked from there.
My friend has already been here so she knows how to navigate.

Our first stop was in Dong Bei Dumplings.

They were making dumplings when we arrived.

The Menu

So we ordered noodles.. no of course we ordered dumplings hehe.
PHP150 for 16 pieces of fried dumplings

PHP100 for 16 pieces of steamed dumplings

Serving is good for 4 people. It doesnt disappoint. Tastes good even without the black vinegar.

Next we went to Lan Zhuo La Mien or at least thats how I remember it. No I dont read chinese. It was written in the employee's shirt.

The Menu

The place looks like pretty much like the ones in hongkong.
You can see the chef making the noodles through the glass.

Free Tea

Beef La Mien PHP130

Seafood La Mien PHP150

Lamien Guisado PHP160

Servings were very generous. So when you're on a food trip it's recommended to share.

After 30minutes of eating

After an hour

Don't get us wrong..the noodles were good its just too many.. (X_X)

After this we didn't have the stomach to eat anymore haha and this is how our food trip ended :). We'll probably go back to try the other shops :)

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