Saturday, May 14, 2016

Firmoo Glasses First Impression

I just received my firmoo glasses which I ordered about a month ago. My glasses were already outdated so I needed to get a new one. But I wanted to try something new and something cheaper so I opted to order my new glasses online.

Aviator Sunglasses with Mirror Green Lens
Perfect for going to the beach or outdoors.

They're not just sunglasses. They're prescription sunglasses! Pretty cool huh?
My grandpa wanted it for himself but was surprised when he tried it on because the grades are high XD

This will replace my everyday glasses.
It has a gray photochromic lens (turns to gray when exposed to the sun), anti scratch and fingerprint resistant.

UPDATE: yup the photochromic feature does work. Turns to gray when exposed to the sun making your regular eyeglasses a pair of sunglasses as well.
Turns to gray when exposed to the sun

I paid for $112 for both glasses including shipping fee which I think is a good deal given the customized lens that I chose for each glasses. 

Since I bought them online, I wasn't able to try it personally (for obvious reasons) but I'm glad they fit just fine. They have this feature where you can upload your photo and try the lenses virtually.

There are a lot of shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. 

The specs of each glasses are indicated so it will be easier to choose. (material, weight, frame style)

But before you get ahead of yourself, make sure you know your prescription first and you need to be 100% sure about it to avoid wasting money and a good product.

After selecting the frame you want. You can also customize the type of lens you want. (distance,reading,computer,bifocal,non rx)

after that you have to put your prescription.
Next you select the Lens thickness which has corresponding additional prices.

Next you have to choose the Lens Color which also has corresponding additional prices. (tinted,photochromic,polarized,no color)

If you have no idea what these color lenses do, click on the "?" icon to get a detailed information.

Lastly you can choose the Lens Coating which also have corresponding additional prices. (anti scratch,anti reflective/anti radiation,UV coating,water resistant,fingerprint resistant)

I love how much detail you can customize with your lenses and how easy you can choose each one. They do have additional cost but there are also available free choices.

I ordered April 13, 2016 and received it May 10, 2016. You can track the status of your order from their site. Delivery tracking is through DHL but you can also check the delivery status in the website.
Customer service was fast too. I asked to change my prescription and they immediately catered to my request.

They also have the following promos. Free glasses and Buy one Get one free. Although as you might suspect, they're not entirely free. Shipping cost alone costs around $20. So if you pick the free glasses promo, you still have to pay the shipping fee.
They also have a promo where if you reach a certain amount, shipping fee will be free. Although you can only use one promo at a time.

Final Thoughts: For one I was glad the site was legit and they actually delivered the products I ordered. Customer service was fast and reliable. So far I love the glasses, they come in a cute case with a map design and there's also a tool you can use to adjust the glasses. My grades are quite high now so I still need to get used to it but yeah I love my new glasses.

Will I buy from firmoo again? Right now yes, I'm actually eyeing another frame but this time I'll try the computer lenses. But let's see about the quality first. I haven't tried the photochromic lens yet but I'll update once I've tried them.