Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mary Kay: Discover What You Love

"Ang mahal naman!" "Expensive!" these are the common reactions when I bring up Mary Kay. And it is. I find it expensive too so my next reaction is Why? Why is it expensive?
As the Mary Kay Beauty Directors used to say, you only have one face and it isn't cheap so why gamble it and use cheap products that can potentially harm your skin?
Mary Kay is an American beauty brand 52years old and growing in 38 countries. Mary Kay formulates and manufactures their own products and doesn't just buy them from a supplier and rebrand them which are common in some locally available cheap brands.
I guess what I'm saying is that Mary Kay is an established brand that produces quality products with good reviews. And that is why it's expensive.
I joined Mary Kay not a while ago and these are some of the products I received from my kit.

I also just finished the required Easy Steps to Reach Success class to know more about the company and some selling strategies.

Mary Kay True Dimension Lipstick

Mary Kay Eye Shadows and Bronzer

Mary Kay @play line

Mary Kay Garden Limited Edition

Mary Kay Gift sets

Mary Kay TimeWise Line
The flagship product of Mary Kay for age-fighting.

Mary Kay TimeWise Plus

Mary Kay Botanical Line (Green)
Made of organic ingredients designed for sensitive skin.
Mary Kay MelaCep Line
Promotes luminous brightness


Mary Kay Fragrance

Mary Kay Men

Certified Independent Beauty Consultants

You can only buy Mary Kay Products through Indepent Beauty Consultants. If you want to try a product but afraid if it would irritate your skin or the color wouldn't suit you, ask for samples. If we have them we'll gladly let you try out the product first.
And did you know you can return the product if it irritated your skin? Just take before and after pictures with a letter stating your concerns. This is the beauty of Mary Kay. You can try out the products and be guaranteed.
If you're interested to know more about Mary Kay or would like to purchase a product, just message me through the comments bellow or through hangouts or fb messenger and I'd gladly help.

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