Sunday, February 9, 2014

Amazingly Wicked!!!

I've been hearing a lot about this supposedly awesome musical entitled WICKED.. the untold story of the witches of Oz.

So I invited my friend Mel to watch with me since I think she'd also like to watch the show.

Tickets were sold starting August 15, 2013 but we bought our tickets January 27 for the February 9, 7:30pm show. Which I was regretting, had I bought the ticket earlier I would have gotten a 10% discount from visa but oh well..

I booked the tickets online via and was surprised to see that almost all seats were taken.

Since it was my first time to watch a musical, I was skeptical on buying an expensive ticket so I just bought the one for balcony 2 which already cost me PHP2250.
This is the view from my seat A 118. It looks far but was actually ok for my first time.

In preparation for the show, I watched the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz thanks to ms. Jimelle for the advice. I was familiar with the story in general but I haven't actually watched the film or any series for that matter until a week before.

Me & Mel doing selfies before the show 😅. I was honestly planning on wearing jeans and a green shirt but it was a good thing Mel convinced me to wear something more formal since almost every girl were wearing dresses. Mel was wearing a dress herself.

I bought these cute paper binoculars for PHP75 though I didn't really use it haha.

The show lasted for almost 3 hours with a 20minute break. I must say the musical was worth every penny. The storyline was great and the performers were awesome. I would love to watch it again another time and I'll definitely buy a seat with a better view despite the price since it would be worth it.

There was a botique selling wicked merchandise outside. I was thinking of buying but turned around when I saw the price haha.

We took some souveneir photos on our way out.

Then capped the night off with a wicked drink from starbucks haha

Definitely a must watch! I enjoyed my first musical show experience thanks to Wicked!!!

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