Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Nook Cafe

If you're a muggle born potterhead and you haven't already visited The Nook Cafe, well you least visit it once to satisfy curiosity.

The Nook Cafe is a Harry Potter themed cafe located at Maginhawa QC.

It looks like an inconspicuous place from the outside, but inside, it's magical! ^_^

Downstairs, there's a few tables and the cashier

grumpy customers getting their caffeine fix just like a regular coffee shop..

But then there's also the cupboard under the stairs. Harry's room! ^_^

Unfortunately Harry is in Hogwarts at the moment so Doby is guarding Harry's room.

a look inside Harry's room

We waited for an hour to get seated upstairs. I was so curious what's in store up here well aside from the mess the muggles who took their sweet time drinking coffee left behind.

there were harry potter book collections and other book sets too.

a comfy place to sit and some hogwarts uniform

which of course I tried on ^_^

Gryffindor or Slytherin?? hmmnn

Anyway here's the Menu

Deep Fried Cream-O PHP120

Harry sized cold Butter Beer PHP100

And it was gone.. just like magic!

The deep fried cream-o was good. The butterbeer was sickly sweet like melted butterscotch. I like the place but it's rather too small to have your own personal space plus the waiting time to get seated upstairs. So for me the place is just meh. I've already taken loads of pictures so nothing more that will make me come back.

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